Studying for Language Tests: The Canadian Federal Government Test – an Introduction

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If English is not your native language and is required for a job working for the Canadian Federal Government or even the Government of Québec, you will be required to show proficiency in English. Almost always, that means taking tests mandated by the respective governments.

If you are applying for a specific job, the requirements are stipulated in the job description. If there is no specific job open, but you want to be ready in case a job does open, it would be a good idea to take all the tests.

WARNING: What if you already have a job working for the government and you met the English language requirements for that job. Let’s say your present job required Level B and you obtained that level on your language test prior to starting your job. Are you safe, or should you be concerned? Some people I have met have a sad tale to tell. A woman who was in the situation I just described came to work one morning and learned to her dismay that due to Federal budget cuts, her position would shortly be abolished. She could, however, move to another open position...but only if she scored a Level C on her test. Unfortunately, since the Government needed to fill that position immediately, her test was scheduled so soon that she did not have enough time to adequately prepare for her test. As a result, she did not reach her Level C, and she is unemployed today.

It would be wonderful if everyone could profit from this woman’s experience and not duplicate her sad experience. What is the moral to the story? Simply this: if there is any chance you will need to use English on your present or future job with the Government, the best time to begin your preparations is right now!


  1. What is a “sad tale to tell”?
  2. Define the words “dismay” and “abolish”
  3. When is the best time to begin preparing to perform well on the English language test?